Even if my words defeat the purpose

Almost daily when I log onto twitter, the influence network, facebook, and all the other spaces I visit (there actually aren't very many others) I see pleas for prayer.

I see friends, acquaintances, strangers, and the like all asking for one thing. Intervention.

They want intervention in whatever is going on.

Whether it is an intervention of sickness to health, sorrow to joy, jobless to employed, hurt to fixed, alone to surrounded, whatever it is - we seek intervention when we approach God.

When we approach God, we typically come expecting and longing for intervention.

I try to pray whenever I see it. Sometimes I don't, mostly because I'm too busy (which isn't a good excuse, but it is an excuse), but for the most part, I turn my eyes to heaven and whisper to Jesus help.

I used to respond to each one. I'd tweet a little I'm praying for you and I meant it.

But lately I'm trying to not write my words.

Because as much as it brings me comfort to know that people are praying when I ask for it, I don't want to find my comfort in other peoples words. I want to find my comfort in my Saviour Jesus, the One who intervenes on my behalf.

He is the One who allows me to be viewed as pure.

He is the One who bore all the weight of my sin so that I never ever ever ever have to bear that awful weight.

So I'm trying to stop telling people that I'm praying every time.

I still will often, especially when I know that it'll be significant for somebody to know that they're not alone.

I so well know my tendency to seek accolade, praise, and anything that will fuel my pride. I can't dare let my prayers become an idol for myself. When I catch myself replying to things on twitter simply to look like a better Christian, even if I will follow through and pray or do some sort of good deed, my words can't be written.

I really and truly believe that silent prayers impact in ways that spoken ones can never.

I've been trying to retrain my heart (my fear stricken, people pleasing heart) to look to Jesus first before I look to people. Even though I love words, want words, and feel loved by words, no words matter more than those of Jesus.

I don't even know if this is a theologically sound idea, but it seems like one that my heart needs to reconcile itself with.

My words are important but they're actually not that important. The important part is that Jesus Christ was forsaken from God so that I never ever ever EVER have to be, and because of that, I can approach Him with confidence, for my needs, my joys, and yours too.

Speaking of that, what do you need prayer for? Anything I can bring to Jesus with you?

I had a wise pastor tell me once that me that when people give us their burdens, we need to hand them to Jesus immediately, not ever holding them on ourselves, because we're never called to hold burdens.

What are you holding onto tightly that needs to be let go? What burdens have you taken upon yourself instead of dropping them at the feet of Jesus? You're welcome to use the comment section and you are also welcome to email me at asecondaryheartbeat (at) gmail (dot) com.