Drifting is dumb

Kacia mentioned this past week how she was at Blissdom and heard a talk from Jon Acuff. He mentioned shower moments (click Kacia's name to read what those are), and it's an idea I've been thinking of much since I read it.

As I showered this afternoon, I waited for the moment to come. It didn't, but my hair got clean, so I guess you win some you still win some.

Anyway, as I write this, it's Wednesday, nearly midnight and I'm having a shower moment as I listen to music and prepare my mind to shut down for a few hours of rest. I'm well aware that my version of a shower moment is completely not a shower moment. It was simply a moment of clarity.

I've been feeling distant from God lately, but I've never really questioned why.

Probably because I didn't want to admit it, and mostly because I fully know the issue.

If I'm distant from God, it's because I'm not going near Him.

It doesn't get much more complicated. I've let my mind get filled with stuff and spent far less time simply living with Jesus. I'm still reading my Bible, learning and sharing, and praying, but it's different.

I'm not chatting with Jesus. I've written much about prayer, and one thing I really believe is that if I come to Jesus with the little things, He won't seem far away when it comes to the big things.

There are a few big things happening. Things that cause my body to have migraines and aches (how my body deals with stress), and that leave me crying in bed at night.

So my shower moment is simple really, all these words aside.

I'm distant from God because I've let myself drift.

And drifting is dumb.

Christ is my cornerstone. He is my firm foundation. He is my daily bread. He is my living water. He is my salvation, and He is the grace I so desperately need each minute.

Drifting is dumb, and it's done. In the forums on the Influence Network, there are some good words and perspectives on being intentional. That was my plug for the network. I like the place. I think you should join, if you love Jesus and are a female, today is the perfect day to join.

Basically, it's time for this girl to get intentional with my faith again.

How about you? You doing okay? Am I right in the fact that drifting is dumb? yeah I know I am. No but seriously, am I right in saying that it takes an intentional heart to remain close to God? How are you being intentional?