come on church, let's smile

In my community group, someone recently told me that they were so thankful for my smiles during worship.

He shared that when he had first joined the church, he hadn't known me, but yet he had because I had been a welcoming face to him.

It encouraged me greatly, especially based on where my heart has been in worship lately. I've wondered if, since I don't see this on other worship leaders (I mean commonly amongst worship leaders, not simply my own church), my smiles needed to leave. I know that sounds ridiculous, yet it truly has been a question. I feel so at home when leading worship, and it's one place where I feel more free than anywhere. It's a freedom that I don't experience the same when I'm not leading.

I want to lead people to a place of joy when worshiping.

I want to lead by example.

My soul is absolutely joyous because Jesus conquered sin and death, pain and sorrow.

Jesus has offered me His grace and I have received it.

Are there days when my soul is not in a place of joy? Yes. Of course.

But in those moments I want to grasp fast and long and hard to Jesus.

I am a new creations! When a new life happens, the common reaction is to rejoice.

So church, let's rejoice!