A Meetup of Influential Women

First. I am so excited that this is happening today!!!

what? what is happening Nadine? WHAT IS IT?

Well. Let me tell you. It's the best link-up ever! just kidding It's a link-up that I thought up myself and that is happening today through the help of the great, and I'm talking great, ladies who make the Influence Network run.

So anyhooo, back in January I had the idea of a link-up that would connect the various bloggers who make up the Influence Network (and the non-bloggers. I'm not sure how you will link-up, but if you leave a comment either here or on the Influence Blog, I know I'll see it, and so will many others). I contacted Hayley and she was all for it. She brought it to the team and we've been excitedly working to make it happen.

And today is the day!

So here is the deal.

If you're a current member of the Influence Network, you're invited to share with us! If you really want to link-up but aren't a member, well, today is the perfect day to become a member. Do so here!

Once you link your post, visit the blog of the person before you, and leave some kindness in the comments. (and this isn't a rule, but I dare ya to read a bunch of them, and to share comment love!)

Your post should include:
  • 3 things about yourself
  • 1 thing you have learned using the Network
  • 1 photo of yourself that you absolutely love
So now that that's out of the way . . .

3 things about myself:
I decided to share things that might not come across on my blog.

1. I absolutely love home decor. I could spend days walking through Anthropologie, Ming Wo (a local kitchen store), or a local thrift store, searching for things to add to my home (aka I'd wander through the first two stores but find what I can afford at the thrift shop). I haven't had a chance to do it yet, but I plan to do a little home series at some point to share the physical space that I live in. I love it!

2. I think that I'm less extroverted than I used to be. When I've talked to people about it, they say that is just called growing up, but I'm not sure. I used to be the girl who would host parties on a monthly basis whereas now, up until this past weekend when I hosted my birthday party, I hadn't had a big group of people over in months and months. I have one on ones all the time, and like to invite smaller groups over for dinner and games nights, but it had been ages. I'm not sure if I like this change or not. I'm still deciding.

3. this one is hopefully more obvious to a consistent blog reader. I really love Jesus. I'm learning to love who He created me to be and how He created me, and I'm learning to walk in His identity for me. I love that He accept me now fully and completely, and that He calls me to keep seeking Him so that I can become more and more in His image. That's incredible to me. I love that He has allowed me to have this space where I get to share my heart, my struggles, my joys, my moments. I truly value this place and I really believe that He is working through it, which is very cool. I prayed a lot throughout last year working to deal with pride, and while I still have my prideful moments, I really feel freed from that to simply share truth here. It's a beautiful space for my heart to be, not seeking numbers, but praying for hearts. It's actually far less stressful as well.

What have I learned through the Influence Network?

I don't want this to come across as prideful, but I've really started to see value in my own voice. I thought that I would read through the forums and learn a lot, and I do, believe me I do, but more so than learning, I've been realizing that God has given me words to share. Sometimes it's scary and sometimes I'm not sure if I have it in me, but I've really felt led to share much of what I've written throughout the forums. I'm learning that my age doesn't hinder me on the forums. We're united by the Gospel of Jesus, so we all house voices that have purpose. One other practical thing I've learned. I never knew that Blogger stats were completely incorrect. I don't let stats rule my life, but I like to look at them because it excites me to Jesus working through my little voice. I've just this past weekend installed Google Analytics and I'm excited for that challenge and I'm definitely going to be looking to the forums to learn more.

One photo you love of yourself.

I just really like that my arms look skinny. It's an illusion I promise, but it's an illusion I'm alright with! And I like that the red ribbon-esk part of the dress isn't done up correctly. It bothered me for a long time, but somehow I find comfort in that - that a photo doesn't have to be perfect to be perfect.

Well there you have it! That's just a little bit about me! I hope you'll join in. I can't wait to read your words.

If you're on the fence, hop off the fence and into the party!