a birthday party filled with cupcakes, friends, and love

On Saturday night, my heart was full because my home was full.

Full of friends.
Full of cupcakes.
Full of belly laughter.
Full of good conversations.
Full of photo ops.
Full of pretty people.
Full of good food.
Full of broken chairs.
Full of 4 people who turned older this past week and a whole bunch of their friends.
Full of love.

It was a perfect night.

One of the things I love about my apartment is that for some reason, people always seem welcome here. Much of it is intentional (because I want people to feel welcome of course!), but some of it is just natural. It's a beautiful space that I'm truly grateful for.

I was reflecting early on Saturday as I cleaned my house (I probably shouldn't admit this on the internet but I cleaned my house from 8am-5pm with only minimal santity breaks. Maybe I should admit it. It was so good. I hate cleaning but there was something really nice about knowing that my bathroom floor had been scrubbed), I thought about how my walls are lined with scripture prints. I think that there are 11 Naptime Diaries prints plus 2 others ones I have created myself, and I was thinking:

will people think that I'm going overkill with all these prints?

And I let that thought sit for about half a second and then I dumped it. I have been super intentional to line my walls with scripture (aka truth) because I constantly forget truth.

So my walls are covered with scripture. And I love it.

How was your weekend? What did you do? How come you didn't come to my party? I would have loved if you were there. I absolutely love having my home jam packed with people who are fun. Especially when they're friends who are so considerate that they help clean before they leave and they offer to take the trash out. BEST.