See, Love, Praise, Pray

I'm learning a lot right now.

Which might sound conceited, but I kinda assume that everybody is too. Just different things.

I'm learning to react with joy instead of jealousy.

I'm sitting in a coffee shop as I write this, and a beautiful little toddler just walked by.

Toddlers (amongst many other things such as words of affirmation, cards, carbs, and wine) are my love language. Well, toddlers, and children between the age of 2-7. The young ones. I love them (P.S. I also love the older ones and pretty much everyone. I'm not picky about whom I love). I love them toddlers because they're beautiful and so fun, they're exploring everything and they love with such abundance.

Often my tendancy is often to see a child, love them, be excited to see them, and then become jealous that I'm still not a mom. That jealousy might not spur up until later that night, or even days after, but it far too often comes.

But that isn't what I want my response to be.

I want to love them, be excited, and remain joyous that they are who they are, and that their mom gets to be who they are, and continually look to Jesus, one who never fathered on earth, who IS the ultimate Father, and say "Holy are You Oh Lord".

So I make it a habit to pray for these friends and their babies constantly. When I catch myself in a sinful reaction, thought I admit that this is not always my first thought or reaction to sin as I often just like to sit in my sin, I hand the entire thing to Jesus. I figure if He's got the whole world in His hands, He'll be able to hold me and these sweet little friends as well.

See. Love. Praise. Pray.

This little one, she's my niece. I've got 8 nieces and nephews (well, 3 nephews and 5 nieces) and this gem is the first local baby. I'm so excited to get to watch her grow up live instead of just by video. That being said, I'm grateful to live in a time period where skype and phone calls are easy peasy!

Oh. Why yes, I do own two pairs of hipster glasses. Just in case you noticed. Did you see my vlog (my least favourite blogging word) back in December? Check it out here.

What are you learning?