Playing the Tourist: Granville Island

I don't want to call this a series because adding another series to my life would be vastly unwise, but I want to be intentional to love my city, to live it up, and maybe even share more of this city life here on the blog! There are so many great spaces to visit!

Recently I popped over to Granville Island and took some pictures. I'm not a good photographer so about 80% (read 99%) of my photos were blurry. Part way through I realized that I kept moving as soon as I hit the button. apparently that is wrong. (whoops) P.S. Any good links to basic photography tips? My sisters and I have chatted about taking a class but I'm trying my best to live on the cheap so I'm looking for free things.

I'm there every week because my church meets on island but it's rare I just go for fun. Here are some of my photos. I promise I'm not an excellent photographer but I do love this little island.

This next building houses my church. It's home for me.

I love this next one. I can't wait to come across a Psalm in the walk through series that talks about light! You'd better believe I'll be pulling out this photo!

When I uploaded these to my computer, I was immediately drawn to this next one. It's my definite favourite. I liked it so much that I immediately started looking ahead in the Psalms to find a great Psalm that would work for this one. aka you'll see this again soon!

What about you? Do you ever just play the tourist? What's the best thing about where you live? I'd love to hear!