Finding peace on my living room floor

Just before I was about to turn off my computer late Sunday night and head to bed, I read something online that just broke me. I'm not going to link to it, but it broke me. So I went to the place I go when I am broken.

I crumpled from my space on the couch to the floor of my living room.

This floor knows me well.

It has heard the deepest of my heart cries.
It has listened to me cry.
It has listened to me yell. 
It has listened to me VLOG.
It has comforted me when the things of this world weren't offering me what I wanted them to.

This floor is the place I go to when I need Jesus in a way deeper than I usually need Him.

I always need Jesus.

But sometimes I just have to get on my knees, or on my face, or like I did Sunday, on my back on the floor in order to meet Him.

I wept for the sick.
I wept for the needy.
I wept for the lost.

And I told Jesus I have to trust You.

And then I wept for the lost again, because they don't get to have that.
They don't get the peace that I find on my living room floor.

Where do you physically go when you need peace? I find that peace in Jesus but I tend to go to my floor. You?