walking in nature

My friend April and I went for a walk through the trails by my parent's house. My parents live in a great townhouse that happens to sit right on a pond (click here for the link to those photos - pretty pretty?) that also connects to a bunch of trails. It was a fairly muddy day so a lot of my pictures didn't turn out because mud actually isn't very pretty..

We talked through our joys, our struggles, and then laid everything down before our God.
It was good.

Also, speaking of good hair (what), do you see how gross my hair looks in that photo? That is called my washed it, then used product to make it wavy/curly, it looked good for two days, and this is day three, and a shower SHOULD have happened before the walk. I promise I washed it soon after getting home - either that or I put a tuque on.

AND speaking of good friends, April fits in that category. She constantly inspires me to choose joy before any other emotion. She encourages me to give everything to Jesus because He is in control. She reminds me of truth because she lives it out each day. She's a keeper. And you should pray for her Mom okay --> Meet Virginia