until tomorrow

One day I'm content.
The  next I'm restless.

The next I'm complete in Him.
The next I've completely forgotten.

And it all revolves around this relationship that isn't arriving.
And yet I know that the lowercase "he" will never satisfy.

Until the uppercase "He" is the one I love
with my whole heart
with all my emotion
with my soul
and entire being
and mind
and strength
and tears

Until then

the most romantic moment
the most lovely date
the sweetest kiss
the tightest handhold
the deepest secrets told
the kindest love.


None will satisfy like Jesus.

So I'll write these words today.
And pray that I can write them again tomorrow.
And on the tomorrow after, when I will forget

I'll read them again.

Oh sweet Jesus.

Hold me tighter than I hold anything

Shine brighter to me than any ring I desire.
Last longer than any kiss that will come.

Be who you already are.

Because in You, oh my King Jesus,
in you
I live.

But when tomorrow forgets
Remind me.

1. I'm not depressed. If you read this and heard that word in the tone, you're vastly wrong. I'm joyous in the Jesus who IS ENOUGH. 

2. I read an article on Desiring God on how the church should treat singles and I tweeted it (twice actually), put it out on facebook, and I'm telling you now - GO READ IT! NOW. Here is the link. Seriously. And then put it into action. If you're a single - put it into action. If you're married - put it into action.  I truly believe that if the church lived this out, singles would act vastly different, marriage would be viewed differently (aka maybe it wouldn't be glorified like it is salvation), and maybe, just maybe, hearts would come to know JESUS for who HE is - the ONE who satisfies.

Some of my favourite lines: 
"Conversely, unmarried men and women are not the church’s workhorses. As a new believer, I was in big demand as a new babysitting resource in the church." 
". . .we single adults need loving challenges when we have allowed a root of bitterness to spring up and block our prayers to God, our fellowship with others, and our service to the church. Deferred hopes cannot be allowed to corrode our thankfulness for the gift of salvation." 
"Through the years, I've observed that The Singles can be a prickly lot to pastor. Whatever leaders say from the pulpit about singleness is guaranteed to encourage some and offend more. I know because I’ve been in both camps, depending on where I am in the cycle of hope or despair and how I am working that out in my soul before God."
I love that line of depending on where in the cyle of hope or dispair - my heart so understands that cycle - hence this post today
3. If you're here. Comment. I see the numbers. I know you've made it this far. It's easy to live life and be lonely. To read things and not comment. But HONESTLY, silence builds nothing. Words build community. You are WELCOME here.

4. That's all.