that heart-y thing

The process from idea to formation for this blog design took some time but I always knew that the heart-y thing was going to be a part of the design.

The first time I saw the heart thing was in a sketchy little bar in Seattle. My friends and I had driven down to see a show. The reason my friends went was for the headliner but I went because a little-known singer named Lights was opening. I met her that night and she still remains one of my favourite artists.

I included two versions of this photo because I wanted to share how I used to edit photos back when I was a little baby. It's amazing what 4 years can do to a girl's editing style.

AND I'm pretty sure I didn't think people would notice that I had edited yet. Yeah . . . cool.

Anyways, back to the heart thing!

So. At some point in the show I went into the bathroom and low and behold I saw the heart thing drawn on the bathroom stall.

I wish I had an original photo but alas . . . 4 years ago is a long time.

I saw the heart thing and just fell in love with it. I decided to get a tattoo of it.

I told my brother and he told me to wait a year. If I still wanted it in a year, then it was a great idea to get as a tattoo.

well it's been 4 years and still no tattoo, but not for lack of desire. I just can't decide if I want it on my foot or wrist - thoughts?

I drew it when I went home.

And I draw it all the time.

On napkins.
In my Bible.
On my sermon notes.
On my feet.
In cards.

So when the designer asked me what I wanted in a design, I sent her these photos.

Isn't it wonderful that her writing (design style) is far better than mine?

The heart thing means so much to me.

The meaning has changed throughout different seasons but the heart of it (pun intended) sticks with me.

It means to love fully.
Without fear.

It's based on several verses.

Matthew 14:14 - where Jesus heals a crowd of sick people despite having just withdrawn to have some space -->  love without ceasing

Proverbs 3:3 - which talks about not letting love and faithfulness leave --> love always. remain loving always.

It points in several directions.

It's a love that looks different than the traditional cultural version of love.

A love that forgives, loves, hopes, seeks peace, and points to the only One who is capable of true love: Jesus.

And that's why I blog.

To share His love.