made alive

There is a song that I have been practically living on since it was released last week. It's not yet on ITunes (which is too bad because I would have bought it immediately) but it's on soundcloud. I've put a link here and I think you should click it, turn it on, and listen while you read. Because I'm listening to it while I write and I am loving it so very much! It's called "Made Alive" by Citizens, a band out of Mars Hill. I can't wait for our worship team to fall in love with it and play it at church!

So I was already listening to that song when I opened this post to write it. As I write this, it's not this day that you're reading. It's Saturday and I'm enjoying a blogging afternoon. My goal is to finish all of my images for the walk through series for the month of February today! Big goal with a lot of grace in case it doesn't happen. (I did not accomplish that goal but I did get a lot of blog stuff done)

Oh gosh. There is a line in this song that just sticks out in my heart. I heard it the first time listening and it's my favourite line now.

If ever I forget my true identity, show me who I am, and help me to believe.

Wowza! That line is so incredible to me. I want to tweet it everywhere.

One thing I do often, and I'm pretty sure I've written about it here before, is to repeat truth to myself. I struggle a lot with fear of other people and what they think, and I've written much about my sin issues in comparison, jealousy, and well, all my other sin issues. (man oh man, so very many sin issues - thank you JESUS for YOURSELF!)

Sooooo. I repeat truth. But the only way to know truth is to learn it. And the best way to learn truth is so see it often. And thebest  place to see truth is in the Scriptures. It's such a beautiful thing that the Lord has done. He has offered us a place that we can physically go to (the Bible), to be filled up. We can learn about who He is and who we are and all the stuff in between.

It truly is beautiful.

So. If you still didn't listen to that song - go now! It's GOLDEN!