I act awkward so that others look good


It's that time of the month.

No! NOT THE TIME! Gross. That is not what this blog is about.

It's the time to share a video and link it up with other bloggers. Because just like last month, you didn't ask for it, but I still provided it.


I filmed it last night after spending the majority of the day lying in bed trying to fight this cold/flu/thing I can't seem to kick. I am so ready to feel healthy!

So. Here it is.

Have a lovely day!
You're welcome that I'm an awkward soul.

I think I spoke far too fast and far too quiet, which was NOT the goal. Next month I'll be better guys!

Also. That was probably take 7 or 8. Last month I used my first take because it was just fun to do so. This month, I think it was maybe because I was feeling sick, but I just kept blubbing over my words and saying dumb things. I'm sure I said dumb things in this version (or sang them . . . that was weird right?) but maybe it had less odd moments than the other takes.

ALSO. You're lovely. Thanks for stopping by.