acknowledging my people

I want to write about some girls whom I love with a whole lot of my heart. On Saturday, I went for brunch with them. I hadn't seen them all together in far too long.

These girls, they're my hometown people. I moved away almost 3 years ago and they are the four girls I keep in touch with the most from home. I love them a lot.

You know that old Jesse McCartney song, they're each the girl he is singing about. They've each got a beautiful soul. 

Two of them I've known since elementary, and the other two I met one summer at camp when we were in the same cabin. We all went to the same high school and all because good friends when we worked at that same camp. I'd say our friendships have all grown since high school. We're far more confident in ourselves now and aren't trying to please a hundred other people any more walking down hallways. We can just be ourselves.

These girls love Jesus. That's their best quality. I can honestly claim these verse for each of them.

One of them, Kirstyn, is one of my dearest friends. This past year we haven't hung out nearly as often as we should have, but she is one person whom I know that at all times, she is on my side. I know she'll be praying for me. I know she'll check in if it's been too long. I know that because I do the same.

She moved to London last week on Tuesday and I am (so very sad for myself to lose her!) so very excited for her adventure! We've had a lot of adventures in our time and I look forward to years more of them, even if they'll have to include one of us crossing an ocean.

Kirsty-loo-hoo - I miss you already! Have a great time.