this past week

I want to share a quick glance into my past week. One of my goals with this new design is to better share my life - especially the stuff that happens away from my typing fingers.

SO . . . let's go back and take a look! WOOHOO!

I spent most of my day at work and then drove out to my parent's house in Abbotsford for the night. 

Typically when I go to their house, I usually spend some time looking through the stuff I have around the house. I found a box filled with photographs and found this gem. 

Everybody gets to post cute pictures of their kids - I'm posting a cute picture of myself as a kid. You're welcome.

Okay. I'm SO excited to share about my stitchfix experience and I promise that I will soonish. I'm just finishing up all the formatting and trying to get over how funny it is to post pictures of myself taken on my phone in the mirror! Yep, my stitchfix post will encourage you that anybody can post a fashion post.

Then I went to work for the afternoon. I work in a tea shop and LOVE it. It's currently just part-time so I'm still figuring out how to make life work but in the meantime, it's so fun to have a job that I absolutely adore.

Sunday is a no photo day! Unintentionally.

The morning was filled with church. Lunch was filled with a favourite friend and tasty eats from this place. The afternoon was filled with a clothing swap hosted by this lady. The early evening was filled with a good conversation with another sweet friend. 

Oh baby! My sister had a baby! Well, now she's almost 2 months old.

fun fact: I've been an auntie for almost 14 years! Yep. This baby is niece/nephew number 8 so I've got years and years of love for my sibling's children but this babe is the first local baby! It's so fun to be able to pop in and just spend time with my sister and babe.

I love cuddles with this sweet babe. This photo is one of my very favourites.


Later on I meandered over to my friend Michelle's home. We ate some stir-fry and enjoyed some chats! After we made cookies! SO FUN! We enjoyed tea lattes, lots of sugar cookie dough, and icing!


Yet another no photo day! Whoops! I guess I'm definitely still learning how to take photos of everything I do!

Tami and I went for an adventure! 

We went out in the morning across the border and into America! I guess for all of my sweet American readers that you might not understand the wonderful-ness of this, but hear this:

my life does not include Target and Trader Joe's on a local basis.

We drove across the border, went shopping, laughed a lot, and enjoyed good chats. It was a very fun day.

In the evening I had worship practice for Christmas Eve.

NEW DESIGN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! While I didn't start really advertising it until Wednesday because it took a day to figure out all the kinks, the lovely stuff started showing up late Monday night, fixed itself through Tuesday, and looked the way it does now by Wednesday.

I'm loving the new design. I feel like my blog represents what I want it to now. The words are the same, but the pretty look inspires me to put out better content! 


The day also included lunch with this lovely lady at this tasty place.

Followed by a quick stop at the church office to say hi to all my friends who work there.

After that I went over to my sister's place. I knew it was an online-heavy day so I wanted a new space to be on my computer. I enjoyed a couple cuddles with my niece.

Early in the evening, I had a video chat scheduled with Tori. We tried to make it happen back in the summer but schedules kept not colliding. It finally happened! Yay. Tori is wonderful. She's beautiful, kind, graceful, and just plain sweet. I'm excited for our friendship to grow.

After the video chat I went to the Festival of Lights with my friend Jenn. We just met a few weeks ago but just like with Tori, I'm excited for the friendship to continue! She's so fun.


 Thursday I woke up with a migraine. Not fun. Typical but not fun.

I chose to ignore it the best I could, watch a bunch of sermons, and enjoy the day as best as I could in the comfort of my apartment.

AND I spent about an hour and a half clearing the spam for a friend's website. It was kind of hilarious. Spammers are awful. awful.

 Coming up today:

1. VIDEO CHAT! Video chats kind of are my favourite. Tomorrow afternoon I get to have a chat with Ashley of 5ohWifey and all her sidebar peeps - and it is going to be fun. Last month's chat was one of my favourite. It was so fruitful and just down-right great!

2. If you've been around here, you know I love kids and I spend a lot of time babysitting of my friends. Remember that babe who I hung out with on Monday, my sweet local niece. Well, we're having our first several-hour babysitting experience. My sister is blessed because I've got almost 14 years of experience loving my siblings kids. You are welcome Kiks.

Little note:

Sponsorship is now available here on a Secondary Heartbeat. I'm new to sponsorship so I'm sure I'll adjust things over the coming days and months but I'm so excited to offer sidebar space. Proceeds will go towards me going to Influence 2013. So sponsor me okay? cooooool beans.