the girl behind the blog: Christmas Traditions

. . . or as the title should read: that time I claimed to be 80% hipster.
. . . and said "" like it's actually a website (as opposed to just my lil blog home)

Ashley of 5ohWifey is one of my favourite blogging friends! She is hilarious, super beautiful, and loves Jesus. She is generous with her kindness and I've really appreciated getting to know her. Every month, she hosts a vlog (aka my least favourite word in the bloggers dictionary because I don't understand why it isn't called a v-blog or something far better than vlog, but that's a rant saved best for never)!

Anyways . . . she hosts a space each month for bloggers all around to share who they are with their readers. I've looked into doing it each month but either chickened out, had nothing to say, or been to busy. not this month!

This month she is co-hosting with Kerrie and the prompt is Christmas Traditions.

And since I'm the star of my own lil movie right here, it took me a couple minutes to get to the point. You're welcome in advance.

Okay. Here goes.


Just in case you missed it, my favourite tradition is cinnamon buns. 
Of course my favourite tradition includes food. 


Thanks for stopping by to watch my first attempt at a vlog!