stitchfix #1

It only took about a thousand years for this to happen (cue me singing Oh Canada, Canada's national anthem so you remember that I'm Canadian - which complicated EVERYTHING THAT IS COOL! - just kidding - I love my country) but my first stitchfix arrived!

Can I just say . . . there are few things more awkward than taking photos of myself in the mirror. Maybe one day Jesus will grace me with a husband who is understanding and photo savvy, but until that day - I'm stuck with awkward mirror photos on my blackberry - sorry in advance.

So  . . . stitchfix is a very cool service.

1. you sign up to get on the waiting list
2. you finally hear back (they're in beta mode, or just out of beta mode, or whatever that word is - GIVE THEM GRACE OKAY! I didn't mind the wait.)
3. log on
4. fill out surprisingly long survey on style (well, they want to make sure they get it right)
5. choose a shipment week
5b. wait patiently
6. receive shipment
7. open box. 
8. oooooo and aaaaahhhhhh
9. read note from company
10. try on outfits
11. take awkward photos (semi-mandatory for personal mocking enjoyment)
12. keep what you want/ship back what you don't
13. blog about it

note: numbers may vary, details may vary, I might have forgotten something, forgive me please. K thanks.


I got 5 pieces. I kept 1. If I had my life together I would have blogged and gotten opinions of others before I made the decision but life is life so I didn't.

P.S. You are welcome to be jealous of my beautiful hardwood floors. They're one of my favourite aspects of my apartment. Oh the perks of old buildings!

Oh, and my natural lighting. My living room and dining room are basically the best place to be on a sunny day (well, that or outside I guess).

OKAY ramble party over.

Item one.

Oh. How I loved this dress. I wanted it the most. When I opened my box, this is what I saw - butterfly fabric. And my heart gasped in joy and awe. But when I got home and tried it on, I became sad. Because the fit was off. The neckline kept riding up, which meant the whole dress would ride up. I wanted it to be the one. But alas, it wasn't. I added the belt which helped for photos but not for much else.

The next photo is to show that hipster glasses and long bangs are frustrating. That is all.

Item two.

This second dress. This is the one I kept. I think that if I had been shopping in a store, I might not have grabbed it, and I might even not have bought it, but because it was handed to me and it fit best out of my options (and price range), it was the keeper. I love that it wraps around because that is what I call flattering. Hello kindness.

Though, it's impossible to wear without something underneath though because any sort of cleavage concealer is actually non-existent. did I just say cleavage concealer? yes I did.

This photo conceals cleavage because I carefully draped the fabric awkwardly and took a photo. (do you see that awkward draping - yep me too - don't worry I wore a dress underneath it to church on Sunday).

And this gem of a photo conceals cleavage because BAM hello blackberry.

Item three.

This third piece was (and truly, still is) beautiful. And gosh, apparently I don't know how to uncrinkle a top before I take a photo. Good thing my job is not to be a stylist.

seriously! Just look at that pretty detail. It's so nice and lovely.

. . . and it did not fit. Boo. It was an awkward fit where some areas were too big and some were too small and that's just the sad truth. I tend to gravitate towards longer tops anyways so unless it had been a perfect fit, I probably wouldn't have kept it.

Item four.

This piece was such a bad fit that I wasn't willing to show a photo on the Internet. But it's beautiful. The back had a really pretty button detail (that I my non-stylist self forgot to take a photo of).

 Item five.

Last. Not least. SHIZAMBAM! Look at this beauty. Beautiful. I almost kept it but I think it's too fancy pants for my lifestyle. Oh but it's just so pretty. AND I forgot to take a photo of it on. Whoops.

Soooooo . . . did you make it this far? I didn't think so.

I'm glad if you did.

This was a fun, odd, and surprisingly hard post to write so please give me a pat on the back, write some sort of kind comment okay? If your opinion on affiliate linking is different than mine, feel free to share.

K great.