Good Conversations


You're here!

I'd run to the door and buzz you into the building.

It's your first time over, so I'd give you directions because new people always go to the wrong door.

I'd run to my mirror, just in case I've made a catastrophic outfit mistake that I'm somehow suddenly going to catch and fix in the fifteen seconds it'll take you to get to my door, and then I'd walk to the front door, open it, and look for ya.

Oh. You missed my door. Typical. I'm over here!

Oh good.

I'd invite you in.


I'd walk through the kitchen to get to the living room/family room. I could just go straight through the hallway to get there but for some reason I rarely do that.

You'd make a comment about how big my apartment is.
I'd make a comment about how I know, and that I'm thankful for it.

All comments would be genuine. It is big, I do know, and I am very thankful.

Sorry for the mess.

I'd say the words I'm supposed to say, but I wouldn't really be sorry. I don't mind mess very much. I'd rather live in a lived-in home than any other.
I'd ask you if you wanted coffee or tea. I'm currently working in a tea shop so I might have some fun tea for us to try. But I'd want to make you a nice and strong coffee. I love coffee. A lot.

Oh wait. I forgot. I'm so excited to see you that I forgot that I can offer you sparkling water! Want some?

Once I've finally finished fussing around (I do that until I'm ready to settle into a conversation), we'd chat.

Well I would have been talking this whole time probably. I do that.

You'd ask me how I am. I'd avoid the question because I'm not sure if I'm ready to be honest with you quite yet. I'd kindly (and probably not as subtly as I wish) turn it back to you. How are you?

I'd ask about your job, your home, your family, your boy (if you've got one), your kids (if you've got them), cover all the bases, and I'd see how your faith is.

Conversation is getting real sister.

Depending on if you know me well, or if you read me well, you'd have caught on that I've only shared minor fluff so far.

I've been getting good at this technique lately, so I might make it through without you noticing.

I'd mention all the positives.

And just like in real life, I'd avoid the tough stuff unless you ask.

So make sure you ask okay?

Just be aware that I'm learning to read people better. I won't tell you my fears and dreams unless you seem to want to care for me in the long-run.

So make sure you ask and mean it okay?


Too many people have hurt me after I've been honest so I've been slowly building up new guards. This is a new thing for me. I used to just share anything with nearly anybody. I've getting more and more selective. I don't know if it's all bad but I don't think that it's all good either.

Almost for sure while you talked, I would have found a book on my shelf that might suit whatever you're going through.

I would have made a mental note to send you a card in the mail to encourage you about that thing you're going through.

And I'd definitely have prayed for you. There's little better than approaching Jesus for you.

We'd chit-chat. I'd forget to offer a refill.

Maybe you'd mention that my couch is comfy. Because it is.

You'd probably stay longer than you intended to.
Which is always fine here.
Good conversations shouldn't have endings.

I often pray that I can offer a space that is welcome to the person who needs it.

I'd walk you to the door.
I'd hug you for sure - even if you're not a hugger.

I'm so glad you came over today. It was so lovely to have you. 

Come again please.
Please please please.
Love you sweet friend.

P.S. Video chats with other bloggers is quickly becoming a favourite thing for me. I've had three in the past week. Two were long planned, and one was spontaneous. Wanna chat? Shoot me an email at asecondaryheartbeat (at) gmail (dot) com or tweet me @nadinewouldsay. Let's chat sister.

P.P.S. I can almost promise that I switched tenses while I wrote this. Just in case you're critiquing my grammar. xoxo