The Story (of an apple)

I'm linking up with the oh-so-lovely Ashley of Pencilled Daydream today. Go read some stories people!

Once upon a time, months and months ago, a letter-key fell off of my MacBook. *tear*

 I hopped on over to my nearest Apple store and was pleasantly surprised when the response was "yes we'll fix it and how about you leave it here and we'll fix it up and remove all these scratches". YES please and thank-you.

The guy helping me pleasantly suggested I buy a external hard drive. He asked me if I'd rather spend a small amount now or a big amount someday when my computer would eventually crash.

The thought made sense.

I backed up my computer that day.

Then again a few months later.

And then all of a sudden last week I decided that I should back it up again.

So I did.

AND THAT night my computer crashed.



I took it into an Apple store and the guy was sure it'd be a quick and easy fix at a lovely and low fee.

I agreed but started preparing myself for the option that my sweet
Gordan (the name of that 'ol laptop) might not be coming home the same way I'd known him before.

So when I got a phone call from Apple telling me that it would cost a more than I had hoped to pay for a quick-fix, I had to bite the bullet and ask my (best-ever-most-incredible) parents for a loan in order to buy a new computer.

They are gracious and kind people. I'm very thankful for them.

And yesterday it arrived! 

Shiny and pretty and lovely and WOW!

 And I turned it on, plugged in my external hard drive and just over an hour later had a fully functioning MacBook Air - complete with everything I needed from my old laptop.

And the moral of the story is:

Go buy an external hard drive right now and then use it right away!

Because that is the only way your heart won't break when your computer dies.


The End

some more thoughts:

A week without a computer was hard.

 I stayed in Abby an extra night and day to make a scheduled video chat (and to spend more time with the fam).

I meandered over to visit my sister, her sweet baby, and her laptop.

I also got convicted like ten trizillion times . . . And yep, I think my computer is an idol in my life. Jesus and I are having some chats about that.
It was a week when I was thankful that blogger allows me to schedule posts (aka Thursday/Friday/Tuesday/Wednesday) And frustrated that I messed up a scheduled post to go out at 2pm instead of 2am.

It made me read more, scratch that, accomplish more
Kakuru (my favourite go-to - I'm serious. I LOVE it), go for a photo-taking walk (photos to come), and be intentional and send out some mail.

Speaking of mail, I'm thinking about a very fun link-up that includes mail. Stick around these here parts to hear more!