I'm joining in with five minute friday. Welcome here if you're joining me from that neck of the woods. I hope you'll stick around. I've got a long way to go but I sure do love Jesus.

The voices are really loud lately.

Like, really loud.

Telling me that my worth is nothing.
That my tears aren't heard.
That my sorrow will not end.
That God is not near.

And sometimes I catch myself believing them.

Those voices.

I need to remind to myself, every single day, that those voices are lies.

I am loved by the King of Kings.
I was created by the Alpha and Omega.
My thoughts are known by the Beginning and the End.
My plans are watched over by the Good Shepherd.

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son - Jesus - so that whoever believes in Him will have eternal life.

Eternal life is going to be so good.

Because of Jesus.

So I'm shutting off the voices the only way I know to be effective.
By reading the Bible and learning it well.
So I can combat the lies with truth.

And I'm going to Jesus every single day with my desperate pleas for help.
Because He responds.
He responds with love.
with hope.
with joy.
with truth.
with care.
with compassion.
with sanctification.
with grace.
with so much.

Because His voice is the Voice of Truth.

I love His voice because I know it.

I love His voice.
Because I know it.

And His voice knows my voice.

Sometimes I get blown away by His voice.
Because it always always always always always (I want to keep writing always) always remains.

Five Minute Friday