Tune-y Tuesday (for the honour)

I've kept up with Tune-y Tuesday for several reasons.

One: because I think the name is dumb. Knowing that I have the worst name for a blog post somehow brings me back to humility and forces me to keep going. Odd? I know.

Two: because it forces me to seek out music that encourages, challenges, inspires, and points me to Jesus.

Three: because simply I love music. 

Four: because music monday was already taken (by a trillion and a half other bloggers) and somehow it seemed original (read: fake hipster) if it was on another day.

I've been doing this post for a few months now. I really like it. It's fun for me. I hope it encourages you as well.

I LOVE this song.

It's For the Honor (or as the Canadian in me knows, HONOUR) by Elevation Worship.

For the honour of the Father
Who reaches out to us
That we might live inside His love
He gave His only Son

For the honour of the Savior
Let the cross be lifted high
The great exchange of love and grace
Came down to give us life

For the honour of the Spirit
Whose power lives in us
That we might see much greater things
As we embrace Your love

For the honour of Your kingdom
Whose reign will never end
We'll give our lives in sacrifice
Until You come again

Forever, forever
We'll honour You forever