Tune-y Tuesday (burn us up)

I thought Tune-y Tuesday was done. 
But then I remembered a song that has played a lot in my car this summer and I needed to be faithful to what I'd heard God tell me each time I listened.

Every time I heard it come up on my player, I felt like God was asking me:

do you mean it?

That's a hard question to answer.

Of course I do Lord. Of course.
Of course I'd go anywhere, do anything, die for You.

Yet I know the truth.

I'm far more like Peter. The one who passionately jumped onto the water to walk with Jesus and faltered only when He looked away from Jesus.

I'm far more like Martha. The one who gets so caught up in doing that she forgets to rest and listen to Him.

I'm far more like Sarah. Trusting that the people me are hearing from God yet also completely questioning that God is accurate in what He says.

I could list most of the people in the Bible with a glaring sin issue and relate myself to them. Maybe I could find one or two who have sin issues that aren't my struggle. But probably I can see myself in all of them. Oh man, I'm so grateful that Jesus offers salvation.

Yet I love this song. The words in it, the sound of the voices, they induce chills.

My favourite line comes near the end

but even if You don't

I love the Lord with all my heart.
I falter and I sin and I in no way deserve His grace.
And I trust in Him.
Where He leads me I will go.
I might question and fight, worry and wrestle every minute of it.
But I walk in His way for me.
Even if He doesn't offer me what I expect.

Because the call on my life is faithfulness to Him.

The dudes in this song are incredible, not because the song is cool, but because they are real. This story is not false, not embelished. It's real life.

They would not bow to a false idol.
They trusted God, to the point of being killed.
And they weren't killed.

They were so very faithful.
They knew God's call upon their life and lived it out.

Take a listen will ya?

I know I normally share the lyrics but I need to just point you to the Bible. This one requires you to read the Bible. Learn this story. It's incredible.

And if you wanna read the story yourself, check out Daniel 1-3. The first few chapters don't talk about this part of their life but chapter 3 digs right in. It's incredible.