Tide and Sunsets

There's something about the tide that brings comfort to my soul.

Watching how in perfect rhythm it moves inward.

Never hesitating, and going just the right amount every time.

It comes in when it is supposed to.
It goes out when it is supposed to.

Such an incredible thing to watch.
Such a shout of praise to the Creator God.
Such a reminder for me that He is God, He has a plan, and His plan is always fantastic.
Such a direct point to my saviour Jesus.

When I lived in Liberia, the thing that brought me the most peace was to watch the sun set. This was because as the sun set over the ocean horizon I knew that it was still with the people whom I loved, and as I got to greet the sunshine each morning, it had just left the people whom I missed. And it brought me true peace.

It's called the peace that passes understanding because it's kinda confusing, yet oddly not stressful to think about. And I got it.