You might notice the background looks different today.

The changes I started mentioning months and months ago are finally happening. I'm more indecisive than I thought so it took me a while to get a point of feeling confident moving forward.

The lovely Jessi of Naptime Diaries has got to be the most gracious designer I've met. She's been patient as I've taken forever to make decisions and quick to offer beautiful design. I'm so excited for what's coming!

Pay attention because fun changes are arriving soon.

I've been writing up a storm. I'm excited to share what Jesus has been putting on my heart.

I'm also going to share my testimony - eeeeek this scares me.

And a few other things I've got tucked up my sleeve.

If you notice formatting issues, either offer grace or suggestions - the changes will come and there might be issues due to my own lack of education with html and blogger stuff.

Honestly though, It's all about Jesus and for Him, so the goal is His glory, not my blog looking good.