There’s something you should know. 

I have always been and I will always be a sinner.

I wish it wasn’t true.

I wish I was drawn only to good things, and when I say good, I mean holy and righteous in the eyes of God.

But I’m not. 

I’m drawn to sin constantly.

I need Jesus all the time.

BUT I also need you to know something else.

I’ve been redeemed.

See long ago, God created the earth.
He created it perfectly and lived in community with His creation.

But they got distracted by their desires to serve themselves.
And the world got filled with sinners.

So God sent His son Jesus.

Jesus lived on earth.

Day in, day out, childhood, adolescence, teen years, young adult, 33 or so years.

He never sinned.

Did you catch the part about Him never sinning ever? Cause that part consistently blows my mind.

No selfish motives.
No judgmental thoughts.
No regrets.
No disgrace.

He never sinned but He did call out the sinners.
He called them out by offering truth and forgiveness in a new way.

He offered Himself.

And people either followed Him or got pissed.

So pissed that they arranged to have Him killed.

He was killed on a cross, which is one of the worst ways a person could die.

Then He rose.

And when He rose, He defeated the power of sin by His own power.

He conquered all the power of sin.

He gave life.

Christ still speaks.

Follow me.
Your sins are forgiven.
Accept grace.
Receive hope.
Walk with Me.

I'm redeemed by Christ.
I rest completely safe in Christ.