But if You Will

As I mentioned the other day, I just finished reading Be Quiet & Say Something by Jessi Connolly.

There was one point as I read it where my eyes filled with more tears than at any other part in the book because I was reading what I believe.

Jessi wrote this portion describing a season when her still-in-womb baby was potentially very sick.

“And I’d lay on the couch with my hands open and weep. Do Your will, Lord. Have Your way. But if You will, give us our daughter.” (Be Quiet & Say Something, Jessi Connolly)

This is the prayer that Jesus calls us to pray.

We’re called to pray for His glory, for His will, and for His joy in everything.

That doesn’t mean we don’t pray what we desire.

It means we’re so well acquainted with Jesus by knowing the scriptures, praying, community, and more, that we can pray DO YOUR WILL  and finish that with this is what I need you to do Jesus.

As I read that part, I raised by head and said to Jesus

Lord, that’s my cry. That’s my call. That’s my prayer.

I want Your will in everything. I want Your glory. I need You to do what You will because that is what is best.

And I’ve got all sorts of desires.

So I give them to Jesus all the time. I name them off to Him. I give specifics. I tell Him how much I desire the things I feel He has put on my heart and I start and end every prayer (whether I actually utter it in the moment or not – it’s my hearts cry) the same way Jessi does in her book.

 Do Your will, Lord, Have Your way. But if You will . . . here is my desire.

            Pray then like this:
            “Our Father in heaven,
            hallowed be your name.
            Your kingdom come,
            your will be done,
            on earth as it is in heaven."
(Matthew 6:9-10 ESV)