My words are quiet around here.

Partly because I'm swamped with the beginning of the semester and my attempts at balancing classes, songwriting, community group apprenticing, worship, church, homework, work, and all the flows in between is a little bit unsuccessful thus far.

I've got some fun ideas for new posts and I'm trying to work on them and then come back with a bit of a bang, as opposed to just writing for the sake of getting stuff out.

Another reason is because I've been feeling a lot of restlessness and I really want to be going to Jesus with my words rather than my blog.

I'm not gone, I'm not even considering leaving - I'm just making sure my words have purpose when I write them.

Tuney-Tuesday will continue for next week, but it might be near time to retire that sweet little blog series. It's definitely been my longest running series so I'm somewhat proud of myself for continuing it throughout the summer.

See you when I see you.