I was driving a few week ago and was attempting to yield onto a new street.

I'm also currently (and this is a consistent, consistent, forever season,) in a season of discerning God's will for my life these days. I'm leaning into Him and attempting to learn how to trust more - which I've realized is only learn by trusting more. funny how that works

Anyways, I was driving and trying to yield.
And Jesus leaned into my thoughts and said

yield to Me in these decisions
it's just like driving
if you try to go forward on your own without looking, without checking your mirrors, without making sure it's a safe and wise decision - you'll crash
you have to yield to Me
because I've got this road
I've got your whole life in my hands
and I have never led you wrong yet

So, just like every other day, I'm making an attempt to trust Him more, to yield to His plan and to stop just moving around as if I know what is going on.
This heart of mine loves Jesus with all I've got, and even with all I've got I'm still slipping up all the time.

Sometimes the things God does look different than I want.

His grace is a stop sign.

His mercy is a red light.

His love feels like a bump in the road.

His peace looks quite like the end of a season.

His hope sounds surprisingly like a bad idea.

I've got to yield to Christ.

I want to yield to Christ.

His will is the perfect plan.
My will is near sighted.
His will sees eternity.

Okay fine - He wins.

Trusting in Jesus and yielding continually to His plan is the only way to avoid a fatal crash.