Thursday - Thanks!

Does everybody have someone in their life who has an ability to smack them in the face with truth and reality and perspective and more?

I hope so.

It's like smack talk except that it's super important and life giving and changing.

I enjoyed time with friends last night over sweet sangria and good conversation.

As I drove a sweet friend home, I was venting about something and she just - in the world's kindest way - told me that I was wrong.

She complimented my character and whispered truth.

Nadine, that happens because everyone thinks highly of you in that way because of how your character always exemplifies that and so of course that happens.

Oh. So I shouldn't complain about that burden?



(Okay, it didn't sound like that at all, but it was really really kind and I felt both encouraged and compelled to change my attitude all in one moment. I promise it wasn't nearly as nauseating as the way I wrote it.)

I'm so thankful for her. That's her up there. That was during an adventure day to Seattle. The border crossing guard asked us if her car was going to make us there. I can always count on Christy for adventure, deep conversation, and general goodness.

This song is the one I was able to sing at her wedding.

Then she and her hubby moved to Figi for a season. And now they're back! YAY! Praise Jesus.

It's a good thing when sweet friends come home from adventures.

She has an incredible ability to speak truth in the most gentlest of ways.

She falls in a category called favourite for too many reasons to write.

For this Thursday-Thanks, I'm thankful for her.

I'm also thankful for video chats. I enjoyed a sweet chat last night with three "strangers". Tiffany, Virginia, and Jac. It was lovely. I highly recommend being bold in asking bloggers to video chat. Ask me!

One other thing I'm thankful for is my Mom. She really is my favourite human ever. This photo is from a trip we took last summer to San Diego after I won the trip from a radio station. I had to write a letter about why my Mom is the best, and because she is the best - we won! It was pretty cool.

I love her a lot.

I'm thankful for much in my life. Too much to write about. God's faithfulness tops every list. I'm more thankful for my salvation in Christ than anything else.