Summer Friday

As always, Kacia hosts the Friday photo link-up. Well, in fact I wrote this in hopes that she'll host it! I'll have to check back later to link up.

It'd been a couple weeks since I posted a Friday photo feature so I thought I'd join back in. Outside of work, I've made much time for tasty breakfasts, campfires, beach days, conversations, coffee, dance parties, laughter with more laughter, thrift-store adventures, bridal showers, weddings, and just silliness in general. Summer is a great time to get refreshed because the sunshine makes it so easy to be in a good mood! Come take a look at life lately!

I met a friend over at Nice Cafe to chat about a wedding I was MC'ing the next day. She offered lots of fun tips!

My roommate and I may or may not have been having a bit of a "words-off" on our roommate-love-note-pad. It was a fun fight to be in to see who could be kinder. I called her "great". She countered with "beautiful". I kind of think she won.
I was reading a blog today about struggling with beauty and just realized yet again that it seems like every female so struggles with beauty. Maybe one of these days I'll feel full peace about myself but until then, I'll rest in the peace that I don't understand that still consistently comes.

A couple of weeks ago I was (loosely) a part of a day camp occurring at a local church. On the last day, another volunteer handed me a book filled with the verses the kids had been learning about that week. This one struck a chord in my heart. God is so good.

Sweet Bethany from my work and I had a little post-work date the other day. We checked out a fun vintage/thrift-store and then had sushi! Fun and yum! Bethany has a bit of a love-affair with fanny packs which makes for some funny conversation. She managed to not buy one though - (is it bad that I almost just typed "praise the Lord" after that. Wow).

Kelsey (on the left) hosted a fun night with a bunch of friends that celebrated her birthday, Raurie's (on the right) and several other friends. It was fun to laugh much with sweet friends!

I was excited when Michelle (left) texted me a while ago asking me to host a bridal shower for a friend of ours! The friend is actually an incredible hair stylist - check out her page!
It was so fun to fill my home with friends, good food, and fun times!

There was a nice little spread which satisfied our female souls - chocolate, cupcakes, cheese, and wine! Yay!

The bride-to-be got her own special seat surrounded by rose petals.

Sometimes I get goofy. I love being silly. I love laughing, dancing like a goof and just being a silly little soul. One of my favourite aspects of my current summer job is the fact that the teenagers I work with appreciate me at my most silliest. There have been many dance parties in the kitchen at work!

I am beyond blessed to live with this beauty. She is seriously like the sweetest girl around. We've learnt that I'm a verbal processor and she's an internal processor.

A few minutes before we took these pictures the other day, we were sitting side by side at the table working on our computers. I had just finished, minutes before, talking about what was going on with me. We were typing to ourselves and I think I burst out "HOW DO YOU LIVE WITHOUT TALKING ABOUT EVERYTHING"?!?! I can't even imagine doing that. I certainly process much with God and don't talk about everything, but I also most certainly talk of much! And even as I process with God, it's largely through verbal conversations.

Before Christie moved in, an old roommate Megs had bought me an "n" mug and herself an "m" mug. Once Christie moved in, I knew she needed a matching one. Though the photo is backwards and poorly lit, I think our mugs are super cute.

I bought a new Bible recently! I sort of feel as though I'm in a competition (with myself) to fill in all the white space as quickly as possible.

 The day after I bought it, I went through and just found all my favourite places (or at least some of them). I made stops in Proverbs 3, Psalm 25, 34, 139, Matthew 14, Romans 5, 6, 8 and more. It's fun to get to underline and read the words that rule over my life.

We went on a hike with work last week to Lynn Canyon. It's a fairly easy stroll and was a lot of fun.

God continually amazes me by the beauty of His creation.

I tend to gravitate towards the beach but it was fun to be more into nature. 

One night two weeks ago allowed for pants. I'm loving this summer heat. My youth I work with mocked me for my granny shoes but I didn't mind. I like 'em.

7/11 celebrated a birthday so I happily celebrated alongside with a free Slurpee.

I spent an afternoon with a friend over at Ambleside walking that part of the seawall. Again, God's glory in His creation consistently blows me away.

After our long walk, we finished up with nachos. YUM!

This photo actually is from the week before but also at Ambleside. That beach is a nice one to enjoy. I met up with a friend and conversed as her sons plays. I love getting to join families in normal life.

I probably used too many words and not enough pictures, but that's a quick glimpse into my life these days.