Meet a Monday (Kacia + Robot)

It's Monday! You know what that means!!!!!

Oh wait - you don't know.

Because this is the first time Monday has ever meant anything important!

Welcome to Meet a Monday: 

Starting today I'm introducing you to a blogger I appreciate

Whether I love their words, photos, songs, or a combination of other things, this is where I'm going to introduce you to them!

Probably it's because they point me to Jesus.

I'll start off the feature by introducing you to Kacia. She blogs over at Kacia + Robot! 

On her blog, under her very pretty picture, words say:

"I'm Kacia: midwest born, Pittsburgh living. Scandinavian mutt with natural blonde hair. I am a child, wife, mommy, sister, + friend. I never want to settle. I always want to dream. +I know God can turn things around: I am an example of that."
So really you should love her already from those words she wrote about herself. 

I think she is lovely!
And after emailing her (she is an efficient responder - I am so thankful for people like her) a few times, I see that she really is a lovely and stunning person.

I think my favourite thing about her blog is that she writes in a way that is just so kind. She's not pretentious or trying to prove anything - she's just sharing her life. She shares a lot of photos of her beautiful daughter and the husband she is "annoyingly in love" with, moments of fun, the laughable days, the hard and broken situations (you can read their adoption process here), pretty photos, and many sweet words of wisdom. She's great!

Also - she has straight bangs. I think I have insta-respect for anyone with bangs because they're not the easiest hairstyle to make work every single day. Hers look incredible. Respect. I have bangs. Yep, I do.

So here goes.

This is Kacia.

What are three words you'd use to describe yourself?
blonde. joyful.  annnnnnnd um. [this is hard!] chatterbox?  Jk. although that's true.  blonde, joyful + dreamer.
What's your favourite time of day?

mornings - I feel the most productive + it's the quietest!
What's your coffee order?

black. no sugar. no cream.  just, about 10-12 cups of black coffee a day. I'm norwegian.  don't hate ;o]

She's a girl after my own heart - black coffee is a good thing.
 this photo via
 When you go online, where do you typically go first?

gmail.  definitely email, then probably my favorite blogs.
 this photo via
How would you describe your blog?
me.  You never really know what you'll get.  It's my life, my struggles, my joys and my loves all written down.
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What draws your closest to Jesus?

Music + quiet time outside in beautiful places.
What's a verse that you're loving lately?

I am loving Phil 2:15 :) loving.

     . . . that you may be blameless and innocent, 
children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, 
among whom you shine as lights in the world, . . .

Some of my favourite posts from her blog are:

"I have learned that being quick to forgive is quite possibly one of the best characteristics of a beautiful marriage."

"I want to somehow change lives.  Not me, but Him through me."

"We underestimate the power of silence.  But we also underestimate the power we have to destroy it.."

"Sometimes it’s easy to blame a bump in the road for a reason to turn around.  To quit dreaming.  To quit trying to dent this universe.  A small dent, but a dent nonetheless."

Kacia is also part of an incredible group of women who started something beautiful.

It's called #SheReadsTruth. You should check out what they're doing and join in.

She wrote about it here and here and here and elsewhere!

Also (as if this girl isn't doing enough and as if you needed another reason to love her) - she has a fun summer photo link-up. I did it on Saturday but it's supposed to be on Friday's. Join her, okay, and check out mine because I show you my new blonde hair! Summer change!

So this has been installment one of Meet a Monday! Yay!

I hope you had as much fun as I did getting to know Kacia. 

If you somehow managed to make it this far without clicking any links, be sure to check out her blog, twitter, facebook, pinterest, store, and whatever else you might find.


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Happy Monday!