Meet a Monday (Geeky and Sassy)

It's Monday! You know what that means!!!!!
Do you remember? If not - head over here for a refresher! 
Welcome back to Meet a Monday: 
On some Monday posts I'm going to introduce you to a blogger I'm currently appreciating. 
Whether I love their words, fashion, photos, songs, or a combination of other things, this is where I'm going to introduce you to them! 
Probably it's because they point me to Jesus.
Today I'm going to introduce you to Virginia. She writes over at Geeky and Sassy

She actually had me over just the other day for a piece. It's called abide. Here's a snippet:
"Jesus provides divine opportunities for us. We get to choose in those moments if we'll give an easy answer or a truth filled one."
Virginia, similar to Kacia from a couple weeks back, falls under a category of super great emailer! Her words are always returned in good speed and always filled with kindness.

On her blog, there's a bunch of words in her About Me section. My favourite come at the very bottom of the page:
"I love my husband, kids, friends, and am excited to see God work in all of our lives. I can tend to be anxious about things. If I’m anxious, that means I think I’m in control, and I’m not. This is one area God is working on me in. "
If you don't wanna know more about her after that, I don't know what to do! 
I was just (as in about an hour before I wrote this post) chatting with someone about blogging and how my goal is authenticity. I never want to act as though I've got this faith figured out because 
I'm daily learning, struggling, stumbling, 
and consistently being given grace upon grace and new mercy each morning.
I need Jesus SO MUCH!
My need for God grows daily. It never gets smaller.
I get the sense that Virginia is just the same and her answers below share her beautiful heart. You haven't read all her posts yet (but you will soon now that you've been introduced) but soon you'll know her heart and see how authentic she is. She's so honest about the areas of struggle. She's not trying to give off any sense of perfection - her heart is for Jesus.

Virginia is sweet and kind.
Also (just like Kacia), she has straight bangs. I said it last time, and I'll say it again - I think I have insta-respect for anyone with bangs! We're good people. Virginia even wrote about getting bangs.
So here goes. 
This is Virginia.

What are three words you'd use to describe yourself?

messy, passionate, and creative.  
I had to ask my husband curious as to what he'd say.  
He answered fun, faithful, and thoughtful.  Awww, I think I just blushed.  

What's your favourite time of day?

The morning.  My husband makes the best breakfasts and we all get to eat together.  (He works odd hours, so this is our "family" time.)

What's your coffee order?

Sugar Free, Fat Free, Decaf vanilla latte.  (I know, what's left that's any fun?)  I typically brew my own at home now.

When you go online, where do you typically go first?

When I open my computer I typically head to my twitter account and email.  I love connecting with people.  I'm working on not doing this too much.  

I can vouch - she's great at connecting!

How would you describe your blog?

My blog is a place where I write what about my not-so-perfect journey with my faith, family, life and home projects. I love to write and share what God has done and is continuing to do in my life. Sharing my struggles and finding joy in the small things let people know they're not alone.  Nobody is perfect and we shouldn't have that expectation.  I don't have all of the answers, but I like to share what I'm learning or working through.  

Take a look at her sweet family!

 What draws your closest to Jesus?

Opening and reading the Bible, and praying for others.

What's a verse that you're loving lately?

Luke 6:45  
"Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks"
This is crazy to think about but so true! When my heart is full of my geeky, sassy and selfish self I tend to nip at my kids and husband. I actually have a Naptime Diaries print I see every morning when I wake up.  

Some of my favourite posts from Geeky & Sassy are:

"What fruit am I producing right now? Where is my strength coming from? What is my heart full of? Am I being a breath of fresh air to others or am I taking the oxygen out of the air with my words?"

"But God comes to us in the midst of our chaos and sin, forgives and gives new life."

"If my openness can help you draw closer to God, then it's worth it."

"If I look to anything/anyone other than God I'm going to be let down."

. . . 

So this has been another installment of Meet a Monday! Yay!

I hope you had as much fun as I did getting to know Kacia. 

If you somehow managed to make it this far without clicking any links, be sure to check out her blog, twitter, facebook, pinterest, and whatever else you might find.


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Be sure to pop back in next Monday in order to meet another great and lovely blogger!

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