Good Growth

From the Sight of a City Girl is about to get some changes!

I am very excited. I've been both wishfully and prayerfully considering making some changes for a while and have decided to bite the bullet (what does that even mean???)!

Some of what's to arrive is:

Blog Series!
Featured Blogs!
Consistent Posting! (only by HIS grace)
Navigation Bar! (woot woot!)
a New Template
and probably a new name!

I'm not quite sure what God's plan is for this blog and why He's putting it on my heart to make it a bigger aspect of my life, but His response to most of my questions is basically just one answer lately.

God, I'm not quite sure why this is the plan.

I know you don't Nadine. But I do.

Are you as excited (read:nervous, scared, not quite sure what God is doing) as I am?