My dear dear dear friend Taylor of Taylor Rebecca Photography and I recently hung out. She lives in Ontario so I made sure to visit her on my recent trip out. She's incredible at her work and spent time making me look far better than normal. You can check out her work on her sites and if you'd like you can read her post about little 'ol me over here.

Tay has a beautiful heart. We met summers and summers ago when we worked together at camp. We became deep, long-lasting friends when we were paired together as counsellors. I was (and still am) a few years older and it was Taylor (or as her camp name - Liberty)'s first full week in cabin.

I might not have been the best influence - I definitely introduced her into the CRAZY land of Nadine (or Tic-Toc as I go by at camp). Can you picture me at camp? I know I've mentioned it before - but I think camp is the best place. I don't have the picture on my computer, but deep in my facebook history lies a great pictures of Tay and I. We let our campers cover our faces in a lot of facepaint. So much so that my sister, the camp nurse for the week, had to help us get it off because regular soap just wasn't cutting it.

We had in that week, and have had over the years, many a good and deep conversation. I love that girl.

Taylor is beautiful and lovely. She just got married last year to her high school sweetheart. She spends her days taking pictures, editing them, and taking care of her sweet little animals! She and her hubby live in a cute cottage on a lake, and her wonderful family lives just moments away.

I got to spend a day soaking up time with her and being mighty blessed by the conversations I heard. Her sister Leah is a budding star - I'm not kidding when I say you'll be hearing of her in the coming years. Her Mom is just a beacon filled with truth - I love when I have conversations with people where I wish I could record them and play them back to learn stuff I might have missed the first time.

Here's a few photos from our shoot!

My version of potty humour. (cue awkward giggle - thanks)

That's all for now. 


Speaking of nothing in particular in order to change the subject, I spend a lot of time being myself. I hope you do as well. My version of being myself often involves awkward dance moves, silly noises, long drawn-out conversations, and of course singing. I wanted to add this photo because I took it while baking the other day and singing along to the songs. This is my dorky self in all its glory. No glitz - no glam - just pizazzzzz!