Life of Pages

This morning, I was chatting with a friend who lives hours and hours away. Does anyone else just get blown away by technology sometimes? Like - think about a telephone. Wow. Praise God!
Anyways, we were talking about our lives. And I was talking about the whirlwind my summer job situation has been. I have one starting tomorrow, but it really took a lot of time, prayer, patience and trust to get to this point.
I said a line at one point that made me want to come here today and write about it.
Sometimes I stress about things and God says, “why are you worrying about that - just wait a couple pages. I’ve got your whole book up here”.
God’s perspective is beautiful and huge and HUGE and HUGE and HUGE! I needed to write that a few times to just really emphasize His vast presence. God knows what is going on. He know the behind the scenes, around of the scenes, and the hundred thousand years from now scenes.
The places I’m in, the experiences I’m going through, the good and the bad, it’s all just a page. God’s got my whole book in His hands. It’s pretty inspiring and heart warming (and to be honest, super overwhelming) to think about it.
God is huge and wonderful and big and perfect.
So today I’m choosing to trust in His plan.
My plan, in comparison, really is the worst.
My plan consists of today, a little bit of tomorrow, and fake days after that.
God’s plan consists of yesterday, today, and forever. Wowzas.

I live a life of pages. God's font, writing, and spacing.