2 for the price of free

About once a day, or every other, or every few days, depending on the week, I head over to Resurgence. This website is INCREDIBLE.

Everyday they write a blog post or two. It's quick, short, and filled with truth.

Some days I don't feel strong conviction, but most days I learn something. Every once in a while I find them boring or non-applicable to my current situation yet I also have days where it's like God punches me in the stomach - and then gives me a HUGE hug.

If you're looking for something to do with your time, spend a while reading their blog posts.They don't delete them, so you can just stay on the home page and click the links. I discovered this website a few weeks ago and I can't imagine life without it now. Everyday I'm learning and being challenged.

They also have music and books and resources on their site. I love it. I find I don't do well with long things (aka books) because I don't like doing one thing for a long time. Blogs and articles work for me. Here's my two most recent favourites:
Bet You Can’t Resist the Temptation to Watch This...
3 Things You Need to Know about Sin

Another site I've been enjoying is a blog by Jamie. She's a missionary with her husband in Costa Rica and writes great posts every few days. My favourite as of late are:
Guard your heart, bro.
Turf Wars.
Air Freshener Jesus.

Enjoy these things. Any sites you like?