I've been spending a lot of time resting in God's arms lately. I've been in my car a bit more than usual lately, and my new job requires me to be in a file room a lot. Both of those places offer a place where the only other occupant is for the most part God. In my car I usually listen to worship music, and then turn it off to pray. I'm re-falling in love with prayer. I didn't fall out of love with it, but I'm using it more and more and more each day. In the filing room, I sometimes use the music on my phone, but I usually don't because I feel weird when someone walks in on me singing amidst all the files. So I pray. I ask a lot of questions. God's answering them quite quickly. A lot of my questions right now are yes or no questions. Is what I'm doing right now correct? Am I walking in step with your plan? Am I giving glory to you in amidst this season?