Different Specified Lots

An easy lie of the Enemy is to get Christians to do a LOT of things instead of THE things that God has specifically told EACH OF US to do. He distracts us and we're so busy doing all the things that we miss the good things.

There's all this pride around Christianity and performing ALL the service. Jesus did NOT perform ALL the service. He let people down and never sinned. He left towns filled with sick people. He didn't convince everybody to follow Him.

The people KILLED Jesus because He didn't live up to their ideas.

I've felt this specific tension (and temptation) in various seasons. Of doing this ministry and that ministry and feeling tempted to do ALL of the ones people suggest to me instead of the ONES God tells me to.

And truly, I think the enemy has our whole culture so busy! We're barely willing to admit how much rest Jesus took. His ministry is littered with rest.

Rest wasn't the last thing on His mind. He worked from rest. He knew the Word. He prayed. And because of those things He always knew how to do the will of the Father.

I can't even imagine what kind of beautiful things the Spirit could accomplish through the people of God if we (individually and in community) actually listened to what God told us to do.

Yes. All of us have ONE call: Make disciples.

We have ONE command: Love.

But my word. Jesus called Peter out for wanting everybody to live out their faith the exact same, for wanting everybody to receive the same lot in life.

Nope. That's ain't His plan for us.

We get different specified lots. And that's the cool part. (Psalm 16. Pleasant lines drawn for us by God)

So let's lean into rest. Let's read the Word more diligently. Let's pray with a belief so big the mountains move. Let's gather together to build each other up and scatter to our neighbourhoods and classrooms and workplaces and spread this good Gospel. Because Jesus gave us life and I sure think we should spread it around, each of us to the places God has told us to go.