Deep and Wide

Believe in the power of love nadinewouldsay

Noticers believe in grand gestures and small acts.

That’s what life is: big ‘ol grand gestures and a zillion small acts.

Acts of what? Gestures of what? I say love.

I vote we love largely and often.

Love deep. Love wide.

In grand way, with banners behind airplanes in the sky kind of love.

In small acts, with doors being held open for strangers kind of love.

Noticers believe in the power of love.

NOT cheesy love. Genuine and kind love. Patient love. Kind love.

That's the love a noticers lives.

 What can you do to be a bit more grand in your love? How can you be intentional to give love in small ways? What does that mean for you?

Are you a Noticer? I hope so.