Share grace like danelion seeds floating around in the breeze via nadinewouldsay

Think of a child walking along the sidewalk. They spot a dandelion (the grey/white puffs that come after the yellow flower is all finished) and pick it up. They bring it to their lips and blow with all of their might.

Share grace like a bunch of dandelion seeds floating around in the breeze, governed only by the breeze.

Share grace wherever your life takes you. Let grace lead you.

The moment we spot a situation that needs grace, we blow grace all over!

Put grace to your lips and speak it out for whoever might need it.

Hint: everybody needs grace.

Soak up grace like sun in the summer.

Think of your favourite summer moment. Mine was many bbq's on the beach this past summer. Soak up grace like you're just casually aware of the sunshine while you enjoy the day. When you get home, you notice your skin is tougher and darker. That's grace. It changes us. Gradually but oh yes, it changes us.

Also? Grace does not burn us. Grace does not put us to shame. Grace covers us FROM shame.

I think the life of a noticer is filled with giving out grace and receiving it.

What is grace?

I see it in many ways, most of them Biblical and Jesus based, but also I see it as a simple extension of love when love maybe isn’t necessary the first and easiest response. Grace is quick forgiveness, accommodation instead of irritation, and a genuine smile instead of a fake one.

Grace is listening to the end without interrupting, even if you don’t agree.

Grace is sharing what has hurt you in a kind way instead of bottling it up and bursting with unfair rage later on.

I need grace ALL THE TIME.

I need grace when I pack my schedule with too many “yes’s” and too few “no’s” and I find myself suddenly overwhelmed and not capable of finishing everything.

I need to give grace when others do the same thing to me.

Noticers are actively on the lookout for grace, both to receive, keep and share.

Are you a Noticer? I hope so!