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Live With Intention

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Living as a Noticer comes down to a three simple things: 

1. Look up to see.  

I almost used that phrase as the title for this series because I think it's easy to live a life looking down. Down at the ground and at my schedule and at my phone. Down at all the things to do. 

Instead, noticers look up! 

Noticers spot the tears caught up in the eye. They spot the tightly wound fist that reveals a story untold. Noticers pay attention to the little things because my goodness the little things reveal the big things.  

2. Spot the beauty and share it.  

Look up to see the beauty. You'll notice the smog too but really choose to focus on the sunrises and sunsets and all that happens between those two.

Open your heart to gratitude because when you do, your disposition will change.  

I think beauty is always an option. Even on the dreariest day, look around and spot good things. Think deep and hard to list off things you are thankful for. And then tell others!

Noticers share the beauty they encounter.

3. Speak up and quiet yourself.  

Don't sit scared and quiet. Use discretion and speak bold and kind words to those around you. Be willing, using that same wise discretion, to sit back and stay silent.

There is a beautiful moment right after someone finishes their thought and right before their friend pipes in with a response.  In that beautiful moment, they take a breathe and speak more.

They reveal something deeper that they might kept in if they had not been given that space.

Be willing to give space for beautiful things like that.


So here’s what I hope you do with your life:
Go for walks down streets you haven't walked before. Or walk down one you have a million times but keep your phone off and just be there. Be right where you are fully and beautifully.

Look up to see.

When Noticers spot beauty, they shout out and wave their arms so that others come running to see it as well.

And always always always? Remember that you are not the hero of the story. Jesus is. Submit your hero status at the foot of the cross and walk freely knowing that God is in control of the story.

Living as a Noticer is not impossible. Noticers are not an elite club. Anybody can join.

Membership is simple because all you have to pay to be a Noticer is attention.

It's a simple choice to live with intention.

So please join in okay! Open your eyes to SEE.

Are you a Noticer? I sure hope so!

What did you notice today that you might not have if you hadn’t been paying attention.