Call Upon Jesus

All because of Jesus nadinewouldsay

As one who has been writing daily for nearly a month now - and also most other days before this month too - I'm catching new things in myself.

I'm becoming a noticer of myself. 

Grace abounds. Mercy too. Redemption is endless. Thank goodness for all those. 

Because as I write these words, I'm challenged and pulled and reminded at how very NOT good at everything I am! Well, not everything. But many things.

I'm messy and in need of Jesus.

I never want to act like I'm not messy and needy of Jesus but also I kind of always want to act like I'm a super good Christian who has everything together.

And that's not the Gospel. The Gospel does not say that because of Jesus I am good now. The Gospel says that His love is upon me. The Gospel says that Jesus defeated the power of death and sin and that there is hope for all that call upon Him. The Gospel does not say that I need to be a good Christian.

The Gospel says to call upon Jesus ALWAYS.

So thank extra goodness for a God who fully accepts me right now AND calls me to more. That's love right there. 

I feel like I'm looking to Jesus in a new way right now. I'm putting on my noticer glasses and looking at the gospel and praying for fresh sight. 

Are you a Noticer? I hope so!

What are you noticing in yourself that you didn't before this month? Whether it's stuff in your own life, my writing, or the sweet love of the Holy Spirit that's shown you stuff, I'd sure like to hear what you are learning.