Boots and Stillness

Grab your boots via nadinewouldsay

I hate the rain.

That's a lie. I hate getting wet when I am not wanting to be wet. That's a fact.

But I love the magical parts of the rain.

Take right now. I've been sitting in my car for over twenty minutes now. It's raining and I don't want to get wet. I also do want to listen to the rain fall.

Rain is kind of magical right? It feels like this unexpected thing except I live in a city where rain is the norm so I really shouldn't be so surprised when it comes. 

Noticers like sitting and listening to the rain because it forces them to be still.

I don't know if right now counts as being still since my fingers are tap tap tapping these words away. 

My car is a place of stillness and rest for me.

When the car is on and I'm driving, it's a bit like church.

It's when I hear whispers from God. Song lyrics remind me of truth I've forgotten and my quickness to frown at other drivers reminds me that I need Jesus more today than yesterday. 

So I'll sit there upon arrival. It's my debrief place, my quiet time, my long breaths and deep thought time

Noticers know where to go when they have big thoughts to be processed. 

I find that often my mind gets full and a bit clunky so I have to step award from the crowd and be by myself.

The rain makes me sit in my car longer because I always hope I can wait it out. That eventually it'll cease and I can walk in under a dry sky.

I had a whole other post written, I wrote it minutes ago here in the car, but it was more melancholy. It was the type of writing one might expect on a rainy evening.

I'd rather not live melancholy. I want to see the magic.

But noticers? We're not too too bothered when the rain wrecks plans.

When the rain falls, noticers simply grab their boots. 

Boots and stillness. That's all I need to make it through.

Are you a Noticer? I hope so!

Do you have places you like to sit to be still?