Blurry Storylines


Whatever your life is right now is your storyline. Wouldn't you rather live it really well instead of rushing to the next thing?

You can look at that picture down there and call it a bust because it's not in focus. I definitely could have taken a better picture. Or you can look at it with wonder, noticing the colours and textures and beauty even through the blur. 

Maybe your story isn't what you want. Maybe it feels out of focus and like somebody didn't take care to make it right. 

But seriously? Don't wish away your life. Don't wish away your story.

Trust that God is in charge and writing the most lovely story that intentionally includes the current stuff. 

And also? I promise your story is beautiful right now. Retrospect always tells us that things weren't just as we thought they were. Take comfort. Trust the Lord. 

Jesus endured the cross for you. His storyline was all busted and crooked and gross and He did it for love. And that crooked storyline? It was always the plan! It wasn't a backup plan or a wishy-washy idea. It was always always always the plan. 

Maybe the Lord's plan for you isn't the one you expected. But I promise you it's correct and also beautiful!  

For the love of the Lord, live as He calls.