Believe that Mercy Comes

Believe that mercy comes nadinewouldsay

I’ve talked about noticers being both fist pumpers and hand holders and I just want to emphasize how necessary it is that we learn how to walk alongside people when they have questions.

When our friends question circumstances, we can’t walk away. We need to sit with them, late into the night, and question those circumstances right alongside them.

And when our friends are sad, we need to feel their emotions. We can’t belittle emotion. We don’t have to agree with them, but we also shouldn’t pretend they’re not there.

Last night I felt like my friends – in person and via text – looked me in the eye and told me that things were going to be okay with a situation that to me feels not okay. They did nothing to belittle my emotion, in fact one of the wisest women I know told me to be deeply disappointed in what was happening.

Brave love is encouraging a friend to deeply feel the hurt they are walking through.

Noticers sit with their friends until things are okay.

Noticers believe that mercy comes in the morning and are willing to sit with their friends in the dark of night.

Are you a Noticer? I hope so!

Do you have friends who are sitting up with you? Call them and thank them okay. And write about them here. I'd sure love to hear about them.