Jesus is Lord. Do you believe?

I find myself quickly struck by awe and wonder this Christmas. 

Last night, I kept reading the words of Christmas songs and feeling overwhelmed because God became man. GOD left His perfect heaven and came down to earth. Jesus had such love for us that he became a baby. 

Have you seen a baby lately? Cute yes? Saviour like? Not really. 

But that's what He did. He didn't come the way we might have expected, as a fancy and slick politician or a royal king. No. He came as a baby. He came to unwed parents, was greeted by common shepherds, and He is the Saviour of the world. Foreigners (the wise men) knew Him before His own people (Israel) did. In fact, His own people rejected Him. 

God becoming man can't become simple to us.

Jesus didn't have to become a baby. He didn't have to go to the cross. Yet He did have to. Because His love compelled Him to create salvation for all who call upon His name.  

Sin creates a break between God and humans. Jesus fills the break. He comes into our brokenness and makes us whole.

Do you believe? Confess that Jesus is Lord. Admit your lack without Him, the sin that divides you. Accept His salvation.