A Reminder


If you follow me over in insta (@nadinewouldsay) you'll know that I snuck out of town this week. On Tuesday, I went to an island nearby for a solo spiritual retreat. 

As I've been processing, I've been trying to decide what to share here. I wish I could have everyone who wants to hear the story over for dinner, to tell them about the things God has done! But alas, here and Instagram will do. 

As I wrote earlier today (on insta), this week is sacred to me. The things I read in scripture, the things I asked the Lord to do, the things He did (this is the crazy part that I'm not sure how explain rightly).

So I'll start with what I know to be most true in the whole world. 

I want to remind you of the gospel. 

God sent His one son, Jesus, to earth. Jesus - fully God - became man. He lived here, experiencing the full human life. He never sinned, and He taught radical things like:

Love everybody else more than you love yourself.  

Religious and non-religious people alike didn't like Jesus; they didn't like what He stood for. He stood for liberty and the people of the day liked order. He stood for joy and the people of the day liked professionalism. 

He was beaten. Brutally. He was nailed onto a cross and then put in a grave after He died. 

AND THEN He rose again. <-- this is the best part!

He rose again, defeating the power of death and the penalty of sin. 

And He has offered salvation to anybody who calls upon His name, confessing Him as Lord, and who acknowledges their sinfulness. 

This is the gospel. This is the good news of Christ. 

And I can't wait to tell you over the next little while here and over on Instagram how the Lord has done a mighty work in my life because of these past few days away.