An Earthly Letdown

The thing about suffering is that it makes me absolutely call out to Heaven and say "GET DOWN HERE"! You suffering? Call out to the Lord! Read the Psalms aloud. Weep before Him. He knows you. He hears you. He cares for you. He sees you.

You don't have to be fancy. You don't have to be eloquent. The other day I told God that I couldn't f'n handle it and last night I told Him I could not go on without Him.

And He came near. Cause that's His nature. He lets us be lonely but He does not leave us there.

Loneliness is one of the kindest gifts God has given me. It's simultaneously my least favourite thing and my absolute favourite. Nothing makes me crave the Lord's intervention than being alone. Nothing draws me to need Divine help more than an earthly letdown.

Maybe this all sounds weird. But maybe some of us just need somebody to glance us in the eye and say "Jesus is worthy". I don't always need a verse to back it up. Sometimes I just need a friend to tell me out of their own faith.

Press on. The prize is Jesus. And He is a guaranteed prize. We don't have to wonder what happens in the end. We worship while we wait for Jesus to welcome us Home.

And I really believe the more we pray for Heaven to come down, the more we will be willing to carry the light of Christ in this present darkness.

Come Lord Jesus. I'm freaking ready for face to face. Get rid of the dimly lit views. Glory hallelujah.