A Spiritual Reminder for Myself

Who’s speaking truth over you? Are you? Are you reminding yourself that you are loved by Love? That should free you up at least slightly if you let it. Are you reminding yourself that you carry Light? That should call you to press on.

I wrote this next bit for myself  and I pray it encourages you and calls you higher. It came out of weeping and prayer, sorrow for this broken world, hope stirring out of my soul as I sought the God who sees:

I’m tired of defensive spirituality. That was never the call. (God is my defender. Whom shall I fear? Only God!) My shield of faith blocks every arrow of the enemy. I’ve got the Word as a sword and I will use it. I’ve got the gospel as shoes that I will carry —I will be a woman of peace not disruption. Righteousness literally covers my chest, no one can take away what has been declared over me! I’ve got salvation as my helmet (even my thoughts can be held at attention because I have submitted them to my Lord). A belt of truth holds my pants up, so I can do the work prepared for me by God Himself. I can believe I’m doing good work because I’m wrapped in truth! My mouth is busy praying constantly and my ears are listening at all times because I know the Spirit speaks to me. My eyes are alert because I’m watching desperately for the break of dawn (more than watchmen waiting for the morning do I wait for my God). I’m believing for Jesus to show up and save the day. He is the only One I’ll ever swear any allegiance to.

I’m not tired or weary because my strength isn’t my own. My God is with me.

Do you believe this? Oh my soul, will you believe this? Oh my spirit, will you fight to believe this? Oh my heart, will you not give in to your fears, and will you believe?

And you, dear sweet blog reader- will you put on your spiritual armour today? Or will you keep being tired and wondering why?

Word and Prayer. You want to succeed. Start and end there.

Serve. Give. Love. Hope. Believe.

Because Jesus did it all first, so will we.