28 and lessons

On March 1st of this year I turned 28. I shared these words on my instagram that day and wanted to share them here as well. I am not yet too old but I certainly am not too young anymore so I figured I should jot down a few lessons I have learned throughout the last decade or so of my life:

• Nearly anytime I decide something about someone without hearing it from them, I am wrong.

•Assumptions kill relationships. Asking a simple "why" clarifies much and gets rid of assumptions. Extending grace is always worth it. And by God's strength, it is possible.

•Contentment is attainable. It's an active position though, so it will take much work. But it is gloriously possible. And sorrow within contentment isn't discontentment.

•There is nothing more sweet than God's Word. There's nothing wrong with using practical tools to get yourself into the Word. Affections grow. I feel like a living testament to that fact.

•Prayers that are answered after years of petition provide the sweetest testimony. Quick answered prayers are cool, and praise God for them, but long suffered for prayers being answered are glorious. Teach your heart that waiting is good. Trust the timing of the Lord. Ask God to help your faith in His abilities increase. His will be done.

•Jesus is altogether worthy.

•God's kindness leads me to repentance. Repentance leads to change. And change occurring because of His kindness always leads to freedom.

•A well timed tight hug can fix a host of problems. It's also helpful to know if somebody likes hugs, because the person who doesn't like them won't be healed by a hug.

•On that note, it's healthy friendship practice to ask your friends how you can love them well.

•It's okay to be hopeful. That isn't naive. It's brave. Cynicism is worldly. Hope is the call for the believer.

•Asking "how are you praying about that" is one way to love your people. •Coffee really does taste better black.

All of these have been learned over years. None came easy, and most arrived through suffering and trial. I say this with grace in my eyes and love in my heart: friends, freedom is possible. But freedom means chains have to be taken off. You ready?

On that note, if you ever need a bit of encouragement, feel free to send me an email. I'm happy to share a quick dialogue with you. nadine@nadinewouldsay.com